• Specification
Port: 4GE+2POTS
Optional RF overlay interface
Supports SIP
Registration and authentication: call authentication, heartbeat, primary and secondary servers, and Outbound
Gain control, IP dialing rule. Support long number dial-up, and secondary dial-up
Voice CODEC negotiation: support G.711U, G.711A, G.729a, G.729b, G.723.1_5.3, G.723.1_6.3, G.726-32, and G.726-40
Call progress tone, echo cancellation, packet loss concealment (PLC), voice activity detection (VAD) and condensation, comfort noise, and packet time
Supplementary services: call forwarding, Do Not Disturb, anonymous calls rejection, call waiting, 3 way conference, call return, call transfer, hot-line, emergency call, caller line identity restriction, message waiting indication, interception service, outgoing call restriction, alarm-call service, abbreviated dialing
Fax service: T.38 fax, G.711 fax, and modem pass-through
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