• Specification
Port: 1GE
Operation wavelength: 1310nm downstream/1490nm upstream
Max. transmission distance is 20km
1 x SC/APC optical interface, 1 x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet interface
Supports G.652 single mode fiber access, adopts optical module without fiber jumper
Supports OAM management based on IEEE802.3ah protocol
Supports Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)
Supports SNMP V1/ COMMUNITY-BASED-SNMPv2 proxy and standard MIB
Supports VLAN (802.1q) and QoS (802.1p)
Supports transparent bridging (802.1q bridging) and spanning tree protocol (802.1d)
Supports IGMP Snooping
Supports IPv4/IPv6
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