• Introduction
  • Application
The GAN9.9T153A-B is a high-performance wireless ADSL router, uplink rate up to 1 Mbps and downlink rate up to 24 Mbps. It provides one RJ11 telephone interface, four RJ45 Ethernet interfaces, and one USB host 2.0 interfaces. The telephone interface is used for connecting to the Internet provided by the telecom carrier. The Ethernet interfaces are used for connecting to the computer, through which you can access the Internet. Computers that are connected with the router through the Ethernet interfaces can establish a small local network area (LAN). Those computers can communicate with each other, sharing resources and files. The GAN9.9T153A-B is an ideal broadband CPE solution for both home users who wish to share high-speed Internet access and small offices that wish to do business on the Internet.
The GAN9.9T153A-B has Web-based graphic user interface (GUI), in which you can easily modify the settings and connect to your ISP. It also provides flow statistics, connection status, and other detailed information. It supports static IP address, dynamic IP address, and PPPoE connection. The GAN9.9T153A-B is easily upgraded and provides terminal users and ISP with the guarantee of future.
  • Support VPN pass-through, including IPSec and multiple parallel PPTP tunnel
  • Compliant with IEEE802.11b/g/n standards, high access to the Internet wirelessly


Gan9 9T153A-B specifications.pdf

  • Home gateway
  • Small enterprises application
  • TV over IP (IPTV)
  • Internet access sharing
  • High rate broadband sharing
  • Files and resources of LAN sharing
  • Network online gaming
  • USB storage
  • VPN connection
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