7411-- WiFi Slave
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·       The product is based on P1901 technology. This device can be uplinked to EOC Master( CBAT), and downlink to end points(PC ,TN or Top-Box), which can provide a whole solution for the last mile of access network with EOC Master( CBAT). And with wifi function. The advantages of the solution include realizing the broadband access of the NGB ( Next Genaration Broadcasting), convenient bidirectional improvement for the CBTV broadband. When actual networking, One Outdoor master can hang 64 Slaves, realize high convergence ratio.

l          Support 4 x RJ45 for 10/100 Ethernet (auto MDI/MDI-X), and 2 x F-Type RF connectors.

l          Support VLAN (802.1Q) and QoS (802.1p), IGMP,802.11b/g/n Mixed etc.

l          Data rate of physical layer is up to 600 Mbps

l          1 external antenna, a USB interface

l          Modulation Band is 7.5-65MHz which is no negative effective for TV signal.

l          Support SNMP and compliant with China SARFT MIB.

l          Can compatible With Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS X and other support Ethernet network operating system.

Can Share broadband Internet access

Can support HD, S-Video (SD) video distribution

Can share high data rate broadband in coaxial cable within the local area network (LAN)

Can support IPTV, VoIP


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