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Since its foundation in 1998, Shenzhen T&W Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gongjin Stock”) has been adhering to its corporate culture of “hardworking, talent-respecting & teamwork” under the corporate mission of “the development of enterprises, the cultivation of talents and the devotion to the society” and holds the T&W trademark, and it was listed in the market in February 2015. As the world’s leading and China's largest manufacturing giant of network communication terminal electronics, the company is engaged in research and development, production, sales and services of broadband access terminals, wireless communication equipments, optical communication equipments, intelligent household and wearable products etc. It sets up cooperation with many famous global operators and system equipment providers for their development and creates the future together.

The company has six wholly-owned subsidiaries at home and abroad currently including Taicang T&W Electronics Co., Ltd., Shanghai T&W Communications Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen T&W Communications Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Landing Technology Co., Ltd., Gongjin Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Gongjin Europe Co., Ltd., and its gross sales exceeded RMB 5.5 billion in 2014.

The cultivation of talents is one of the existence purposes of the company. It constructs complete and vigorous talent cultivation and promotion systems from “Three New Projects for New Employees” to T&W Network Institute, from workers’ dream plans to cadre team establishment, from management of elite training to talent and expert system, provides a wide stage for staff growth, and offers constant driving force for its long-term development.

After obtaining a series of international certification successively, the company has introduced management systems for quality control, EHS and social responsibility etc. It has also received a number of honorable titles and awards, such as National Hi-Tech Enterprise, China Top 100 Electronics & Information Enterprise, Shenzhen Top 100 Industrial Enterprise, Shenzhen Enterprise Technical Center, Shenzhen Leading Private Enterprise, Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award, Guangdong Province Top 500 Manufacturer, Shenzhen Top 100 High-quality Enterprise and so on.

The company formed Shenzhen T&W Charity Foundation and established an official fund-raising platform for public undertakings in 2012 upon the approval of Shenzhen Municipal Government to “offer sincere love and do good deeds”. In the past years, the company has built eight hope primary schools in Western China with a total social donation up to over RMB 20 million.


After 12 years of continuous development, T&W has obtained a series of important certificates and licenses required for providing telecommunications products and services. 

In 1998, it obtained ISO9002 Quality Management System Certification;

In 2002, it passed ISO9001: 2000 upgrade assessment; 

In 2004, it obtained Environmental Management System Certification

In 2005, it obtained ISO14001 System Certification;

In 2005, it obtained OHSAS18000 System Certification

In December 2009, it obtained ISO9001: 2008 Upgraded Quality Management System Certification; 

In its development, the Company has received many honours and awards thanks to the devotion of its proactive and diligent employees. 

In 2005, it won the Nanshan District Chief Award for Quality;

In 2006, it was granted the honourable title of Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Centre (Out of the more than fifty companies awarded with this title in all years, T&W is the only enterprise engaged in the field of broadband network terminals.)

In 2007, it was rated as the Leading Private Enterprise of Shenzhen;

In 2008, it was listed in the first National New High-Tech Enterprises and Top 100 Shenzhen Industrial Enterprises;

In 2009, it won two national projects: the Hi-Tech Demonstration Project awarded by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Revitalization and Technical Renovation of Electronic Information Project awarded by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;

In 2010, it ranked no.57 in China’s Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises, awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In 2012, it ranked no. 53 in China’s Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises, awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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